To celebrate the end of summer and to prolong the sunny feelings, we are launching the Late Summer Community Challenge today!

From today until and including October 31st, 2020, all players are called upon to work together and master a total of 2,000 challenges in Rise of Legions in order to earn exclusive content such as a new skin for the Monument of Light, Premium Days and a new profile icon, all of which will be unlocked at certain milestones.

It doesn’t matter how many challenges each individual player completes in order to win the prizes. Even if you only help to achieve the communities’ goals by completing only one challenge per milestone during this period, you will still get the reward. If the required goals are reached before the deadline, the event will of course be ended prematurely and all rewards send automatically.

In case you don’t own Rise of Legions yet, you can download it for free at Steam.

Time to get busy and claim as many RoL Challenges as possible.

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