You are a fan of SCILL Play? And you use TeamSpeak? Now you can unite both worlds and show the TeamSpeak community that you are not hiding from any challenge.

In our SCILL Play store we offer a strictly limited number of exclusive SCILL Play badges that you can use in your TeamSpeak profile. For 110 SCILL Coins, which you can earn by completing just a couple of challenges (no matter in which of the supported games), you can pick up a code that can be redeemed via your account. 

If you are new to SCILL Play, all you have to do is to connect your game account, e.g. Steam or Wargaming, via the settings and activate a couple of challenges for your preferred game. Rise of Legions, CS:GO and World of Warships are all free to play and perfect for this task. 

Once you have 110 SCILL Coins, you can head over to the store and redeem them for your exclusive TS Badge. 

Enjoy SCILL play and don’t forget to invite your friends to join as well!

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